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White Hates on Hipsters

August 8, 2010

I’ve seen Jack White perform live a number of times, and every performance has been intense and authentic, rousing and raw. But never have I seen him quite so bristled. White always struck me as unique in his intense focus on the music and his evident disinterest in being a “Rock Star”. He’s always unpredictable, but I don’t recall reckless. Dark and intense, yes. Bitter and venomous, not quite.

Perhaps the hipsters bring it out in him, but he was unusually haphazard during the Dead Weather’s Los Angeles and New York performances. I was at the former, during which he stumbled across the stage chugging Champagne, babbled nonsense about Ulysses S. Grant and one hundred dollar bills, dove into the crowd on multiple occasions and spat subtle insults at the Los Angeles audience. He also proclaimed his love for Alison Mosshart with his wife in attendance.

The LA show was bizarre but nonetheless entertaining. The more recent performance at Don Hill’s in New York was a bit more spiteful. According to NME, he laid into the crowd:

Why don’t you rock the fuck out? Maybe I should go grab those free drinks and shove them down your throats, you hip motherfuckers!

Yikes. I’m not sure if the dark and stormy Dead Weather personality is seeping into his psyche, or if he’s just reached the point of success where he doesn’t feel the need to cater to an audience, but he’s certainly saying quite a loud Fuck You to a lot of people.

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